Enterprise Applications

In today’s world, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a fulcrum to any business owing to the fact that it handles much more than what is generally referred to as “business languages”. Any software that handles such business-critical processes eventually translates into becoming the backbone of the organization.

Partnering with a services provider that understands the crucial role an ERP plays in a business, while being cognizant with technology is pivotal for successful planning, implementation and execution of such complex ERP projects.

At PSIOG, we understand the importance of ERP and the impact it can have on your business. With over 5 decades of cumulative experience, our leadership team has straddled across multiple industry verticals offering ERP solutions. Today, Psiog is at a lucrative position where we have amalgamated mature industry best practices with the nimbleness of a boutique services firm to offer curated solutions & services to our customers.

Psiog is a one stop shop when it comes to effectual ERP solutions with its central offering being Microsoft Dynamics. At PSIOG, we have a dedicated team of highly talented individuals working exclusively on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.

Our offerings


Psiog understands & puts into practice Microsoft outlined industry best practices to implement Dynamics End to End.


Be ahead of the curve and accelerate your business by upgrading to a more versatile yet focused ERP. Be it from AX 2009 to D365, Psiog’s services will entail everything from Upgrade planning, Data Migration to Code Upgrades and Analytics using Power BI.


With our extensive experience in integrating legacy / operational systems with ERP systems for our clientele, Psiog can get your systems talking to one another seamlessly, ensuring that while your ‘sources of truth’ are different, data control and monitoring is unified.

Development and Enhancements

Get customized technical solutions and enhancement suggestions from our talented team which cater to your specific needs for your business growth and performance scalability.

Support and Maintenance

With our expert Support team, optimize existing features to improve performance. Along with post go live support, increase your computing efficiencies and reduce costs by regular health checks and more.


Making data driven decisions to scale your business is imperative in this day and age. While you pilot your business, let Psiog help you with crucial insights that can be leveraged to spearhead growth in the right direction!